Unwarranted: Violating the Federal Indian Arts & Crafts Act

As you can see from this image from a 2013 Settlement Agreement with the United States, Pendleton Woolen Mills is a known tribal cultural appropriator---and federal law violator:

As I recently explained through the Indian Country Today Media Network:

Pendleton Woolen Mills, a 100% non-Indian owned company that currently markets 290 products as “Native American,” including 233 as “Native American Inspired.”  But with the exception of 15 of 120 wool blankets, Pendleton’s products appear to be non-Indian made.

Having been dinged by the Federal Government for violation of the federal Indian Arts and Crafts Act, Pendleton now advertises its non-Indian made products as "Native American Inspired." But that untruthful advertising tagline, too, violates the Act.  25 U.S.C. 305e; 25 C.F.R. 309(24)(2). 

Problematically, Pendleton does so with the blessing of our Trustee, the United States:

This is not moral or just, on multiple levels.  This is unwarranted.  Nor is it what Congress has intended since 1935.  It is time to reinvigorate the Indian Arts and Crafts Act.

Gabe Galanda is the managing lawyer of Galanda Broadman, PLLC, an American Indian-owned law firm with office in Seattle and Yakima, Washington and Bend, Oregon.  Gabe descends from the Nomlaki and Concow Tribes, belonging to the Round Valley Indian Confederation.