Gabe Galanda Quoted by Wall Street Journal Regarding Tribal Indigent Defense Counsel

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal quoted Gabe Galanda in "High Court Finds No Federal Right to Counsel in Indian Territories":

Unless the defendant is a non-Indian or is facing more than a year in jail [in keeping with the 2013 Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization and the Tribal Law and Order Act of 2010, respectively], there is no federally mandated right to counsel, but many tribes do provide counsel to indigent defendants as a matter of tribal law, said Gabriel Galanda,  Seattle attorney who practices in Indian country.

The VAWA Reauthorization expanded a tribe's ability to assert jurisdiction over non-Indians in certain circumstances, but the defendant must be provided counsel.

The Tribal Law and Order Act changed the maximum sentence a tribe may impose from one year to three years, but the expanded sentencing authority applies only when a defendant has been provided "the right to effective assistance of counsel at least equal to that guaranteed by the United States Constitution."