Gabe Galanda to Stump Against Disenrollment at Lewis & Clark

On Monday, October 27, Gabe Galanda will deliver a lecture, "The American Indian Disenrollment Epidemic: Finding A Cure," at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon.  images Gabe has previously spoken out against tribal disenrollment during talks at UC Berkeley and the University of Arizona College of Law, and also published several articles and blogs exposing and decrying that mode of self-termination.  For example:

Since 2013, Galanda Broadman has defended nearly 500 American Indians from disenrollment, in Washington, Oregon and California.

Gabriel “Gabe” Galanda is the Managing Partner at Galanda Broadman. He is a citizen of the Round Valley Indian Tribes. Gabe can be reached at 206.300.7801 or