Gabe Galanda to Lecture on Tribal Disenrollment Law at Berkeley

On Monday, March 17, Gabe Galanda will lecture at UC Berkeley regarding the legalities associated with tribal disenrollment controversies. His remarks will be for the “Native American Critical and Legal Policy” seminar taught by Ethnic Studies professor, Thomas Biolsi. Gabe will speak from two essays recently published by his law firm: “An Essay on the Federal Origins of Disenrollment” and “An Essay on the Modern Dynamics of Tribal Disenrollment.” Professor Biolsi has included Roberts v. Kelly, a disenrollment controversy involving the Nooksack 306 that is currently pending before the Nooksack Judiciary, in his course syllabus. Gabriel “Gabe” Galanda is the Managing Partner at Galanda Broadman. He is an enrolled member of the Round Valley Indian Tribes of Covelo, California. Gabe can be reached at 206.691.3631 or