Gabe Galanda Teaches Indian Law to Washington State Legislature

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On Tuesday, Gabe Galanda delivered a presentation to the Washington State Legislature titled, “Indian Law for the Washington State Legislator.” His remarks can now be seen on TVW.

At the invitation of House State Government & Tribal Relations and Senate State Government, Tribal Relations & Elections Committee Leadership, Gabe educated the Legislators on tribal sovereignty, the government-to-government relationship, and compacts. He discussed Tribal kinship, constitutional status, and Treaties, too.

Gabe also explained to the Legislators the origins of the international Indigenous human rights norm, Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC), given recent conversation about adopting FPIC in state law and policy.

Gabe’s slides are available here.

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Gabriel S. Galanda is the managing lawyer of Galanda Broadman, PLLC, in Seattle. Gabe is a descendant of the Nomlaki and Concow Tribes, belonging to the Round Valley Indian Tribes of Northern California.