Amber Penn-Roco Named National Lawyers Guild Review Contributing Editor

Amber Penn-Roco has been named a contributing editor for the National Lawyers Guild Review. The Review will soon publish her first article: "Standing Rock and the Erosion of Tribal Rights."

An excerpt:

Tribes are suffering from an onslaught of projects that imperil their rights and their sacred duty to protect their surrounding natural resources and culture.  A tribe’s rights are often attacked on multiple fronts. Projects that threaten them are often wide scale and multi-dimensional.  Tribes are often forced into a battle of attrition, in which they must defend their rights before a wide variety of decision-makers.  For just one project, a tribe can be forced to spend years litigating its rights, first in an administrative proceeding and then in an exhausting sequence of court hearings.  At each step in the process, the rights of tribes are placed in the hands of state and/or federal agencies. 

Amber’s practice focuses on tribal sovereignty issues, including environmental issues, economic development, and complex Indian Country litigation. Her experience also includes work on transactional matters, including entity formation, environmental compliance and permitting.