Ryan Dreveskracht Publishes "Ethics In Tribal Business Transactions"

Ryan Dreveskracht's "Ethics in Tribal Business Transactions," is featured in this month's edition of Tribal Business Journal.  An excerpt:

With success comes responsibility.  For the sake of all that Indian Country has obtained in this era of self-determination, tribal businesses now have an obligation to appreciate and nullify the danger that non-Indian businesses and their attorneys inadvertently pose to tribal sovereignty.  Indeed, the days of tribal lawyers playing “hide the ball” in business deals between tribal and non-tribal parties might need to be a thing of the past.  Instead, taking preemptive steps to safeguard non-Indian businesses from themselves is not only good business, it is the defense necessary to deter the erosion of those fundamental principles of Indian law that have allowed Indian Country to flourish into the present day. 

Ryan Dreveskracht is an attorney with Galanda Broadman, PLLC, in Seattle.  His practice focuses on representing tribal governments and businesses in gaming, public affairs, taxation, and economic development.  He can be reached at (206) 909-3842 or ryan@galandabroadman.com.