City of Seattle Proclaims Indigenous Right to Belong

In commemoration of Native American Heritage Month, on Monday the Seattle City Council will issue a powerful Proclamation.  

Spearheaded by Seattle City Councilwoman Debora Juarez (Blackfeet), the Proclamation declares the City's belief in the protection of the indigenous human right of belonging, as affirmed by Article 9 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. 

An excerpt:

WHEREAS, the City of Seattle remains committed to self-determination and the right of Native American organizations and institutions to strengthen their own communities; and
WHEREAS, as a Human Rights City, the City of Seattle remains equally committed to protecting American Indian and Alaska Native citizens’ belonging and other human rights; and
WHEREAS, the history, economy, and culture of the City of Seattle are significantly influenced by both local tribes and the many American Indian and Alaska Native citizens who have long called this city home, who belong here to this day, and whose traditions are and will always be respected and celebrated here and throughout the region . . .

The Proclamation will be issued during a full Council meeting at Seattle City Hall on Monday at 2 PM. The public is welcomed to attend.