The Quiet Dawn of Tribal Marijuana Regulation

By Anthony Broadman

Despite all of the hysteria surrounding marijuana in Indian Country, the era of Tribally regulated pot sales starts today, quietly, at Squaxin Island. 

There are no 30,000-plant busts, no lawyer conventions about how to best exploit cannabis for Tribal economic development, no fly-by-night financiers espousing new theories of tribal jurisdiction. 

Instead, at 4:20 today, the Squaxin Island Tribe will open an appropriately modest storefront, that complies carefully with the priorities of the Wilkinson Memo, and achieves inter-local serenity through a compact with the state

This is how sensible tribal pot regulation begins; not with a bang, but a whisper. 

Anthony Broadman is a partner at Galanda Broadman PLLC. He can be reached at 206.321.2672,, or via