Puget Sound Business Journal Profiles Gabe Galanda Re: Boutique Law Firm Success

For its 12th Annual Law Guide, Puget Sound Business Journal features Gabe Galanda in a piece published this week titled, "Is bigger really better? Some lawyers don’t think so. They’ve opened boutique firms with niche practice areas."  The lead:

A growing number of Washington's most successful attorneys are finding bliss running 'boutique' law firms . . . loosely defined as a firm having fewer than 20 attorneys and limited to one distinct area of practice.


Gabe is described as having successfully "base-jumped" into small firm practice along with Anthony Broadman in 2010, during the peak of the Great Recession:

'When you shirk the rent and other overhead that comes with an office on the 41st floor of a skyscraper, your entire life changes,' said Gabriel Galanda, who founded his Indian legal space firm in 2010 and just added an eighth lawyer.

He launched Galanda Broadman PLLC as a Valentine's Day present to his wife, who was pregnant with twins. . . .

'I was always chasing billable hours.  There was no way I could reconcile that with my expectation of my responsibilities as a husband and father,' he said.

Today, his office in Seattle's Wedgwood neighborhood is right around the corner from his home and his partner lives near their Bend, Ore., office.

'We get clients I don't think we would have gotten at a big firm.  They get better value with us. A lot of clients don't need to take a look at the Space Needle when they're talking to a lawyer,' Galanda said.

Gabriel S. Galanda is the managing partner of Galanda Broadman, PLLC, in Seattle. Gabe is a descendant of the Nomlaki and Concow Tribes, belonging to the Round Valley Indian Tribes of Northern California.