Blood Money: Bank of America & the Redskins

Bank of America is the "exclusive sponsor" of the Washington Redskins.  Bank of America is also an exclusive lender--in fact, the leading lender--the $28 billion Indian gaming industry. redskins_logo

BofA has paid millions of dollars to Dan Snyder to serve as the "Official Bank of the Washington Redskins."  BofA has received many millions more from Indian Country in gaming deals. BofA is so very content to have it both ways, remaining on the sidelines of the Redskins mascot debate.


Indian Country now balks at Nike and FedEx's Redskins sponsorships. But the hundreds of tribes that bank with BofA, and that collectively tout billions of dollars in purchasing power, speak little of BofA's own use of the Redskins mascot or unholy alliance with Dan Snyder.

Simply put, cash is king.  Indeed, while Indian Country scorns Snyder's Original Americans Foundation and rejects his blood money, tribes accept donations from Nike's N7 Fund and tribal casinos continue to do mega business with BofA.  It's all shades of grey, or green.

This status quo will prevail until the money fleets from BofA, Nike and FedEx, the NFL, and in turn Dan Snyder. Maybe Indian gaming money will be the first to go.  Maybe not.  But only when the money goes, will the name change.

Gabriel “Gabe” Galanda is the Managing Partner at Galanda Broadman. He is a citizen of the Round Valley Indian Tribes. Gabe can be reached at 206.300.7801 or