Joe Sexton Featured as Attorney "Super-Commuter" in NWLawyer Magazine

Joe Sexton, Of Counsel at Galanda Broadman, is featured in this month’s edition of NWLawyer magazine as an attorney "super commuter."cover

Joe considered two factors as central to his decision to super-commute: time with his family and acquisition of his dream job. "I just had my first child," said Joe, "and my working from home provides flexibility in helping my wife care for our newborn." The arrangement also enables him to work for Seattle-based firm Galanda Broadman, which he describes as "one of the leading Indian law firms." . . .

Joe's firm is pretty high-tech. The five attorneys maintain near-constant contact via video chat and instant message. They also text and email. "Actually, I'm more in contact with my colleagues than I've ever been before in my career," Joe observed. Screenshot 2014-03-13 17.38.14 Joe has found that working remotely has actually strengthened his personal relationships. He reflected that most attorneys have put effort into maintaining a balance between their work and personal lives. "It's a constant work in progress," he observed, but "I think my love for what I do and for the clients I serve also helps me feel balanced and fulfilled in my personal relationships."

Joe Sexton is Of Counsel with Galanda Broadman, PLLC.  Joe’s practice focuses on tribal sovereignty issues, including complex land and environmental issues, and economic development matters.  He can be reached at (509) 910-8842 and