We Are Proud Partners of the ACLU

In 2013, we were honored to collaborate with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in defense of tribal sovereignty before the Washington State Supreme Court in State v. Clark, and in defense of indigenous prisoners' religious freedoms from California to Geneva, Switzerland. We look forward to again locking arms with the ACLU, in defense of what is right.

Dear Gabriel,

Just a quick thanks for all you did during 2013 to support the ACLU's mission.

I always tell people that our organization has a very special group of supporters. And, once again, you proved it. We ended the year with a dramatic and urgently needed show of financial support.

And thanks to you, we are able to begin the new year picking up on the energy and momentum you helped create over the last 12 months. With your ongoing help, we will keep driving freedom forward.

You're the best,

Anthony D. Romero Executive Director, ACLU