Rapid City Journal Announces Galanda Broadman's Representation of Vern Traversie

Rapid City Journal reports that:

A South Dakota judge is allowing three lawyers from Washington to help represent a Native American man who has filed a civil lawsuit claiming the letters KKK were carved into his stomach at a hospital.

Court documents show that Judge Jeffrey Viken is allowing Gabriel Galanda, Anthony Broadman and Ryan Dreveskracht, all of Seattle, to take part in proceedings on behalf of Vern Traversie. The three men are admitted to practice in Washington but are not members of the South Dakota Bar.

Traversie is a 69-year-old Lakota man who lives on the Cheyenne River reservation. Though he is blind, Traversie says others have told him the scars left form the letters. He is suing the hospital where the surgery took place, its board of directors and others.

Turtle Talk has published the Complaint filed by Iron Eyes Law Offices and Galanda Broadman.