Indian Country Today Publishes Anthony Broadman's "Roundup" of Recent 9th Circuit Tribal Cases

Anthony Broadman has published a roundup of court cases relevant to Indian country that wer recently decided in the Ninth Circuit.

Tribal Exhaustion Compelled, but Montana Exception Further Questioned: "[I}n Rincon Mushroom Corp. v. Mazzetti, No. 10-56521, 2012 WL 2928605 (9th Cir. July 19, 2012), a non-Indian owner of a fee simple parcel of land located on the Rincon Band of Luiseno Mission Indians’ reservation is challenging the tribe’s regulatory and adjudicatory authority to protect the reservation natural environment...."

Not All Unstamped Cigarettes are Contraband: "In United States v. Wilbur, 674 F.3d 1160 (9th Cir. 2012), the Ninth Circuit held that cigarettes sold by a tribally licensed retailer and pursuant to a state-tribe cigarette agreement are not contraband for purposes of the federal Contraband Cigarette Trafficking Act (CCTA) – even if they are contraband under state law...."

Save the Peaks Attorney Personally Sanctioned: "Last February, the Ninth Circuit held, in Save the Peaks Coalition v. U.S. Forest Service, 669 F.3d 1025 (9th Cir. 2012), that the U.S. Forest Service had complied with the requisite environmental regulations in issuing a special use permit...."

Alaskan Native Fishing Dispute Hinges On Historic “Exclusive Use”: "In a tense en banc decision, the Ninth Circuit held last month that although Chugach people continuously used and occupied part of the Gulf of Alaska, they do not now have aboriginal rights to hunt and fish the area because their historic use was not 'exclusive'..."

Anthony Broadman is a partner with Galanda Broadman in Seattle. His practice focuses on matters critical to Indian Country. He can be reached at