Anthony Broadman Speaks the "Truths" on Tribal Onling Gaming

Anthony Broadman publishes his latest article on tribal online gaming -- The Arrival: Tribal Gaming, Nevada and the Future of Online Play in this month's edition of Casino Enterprise Magazine.

The long-awaited arrival of regulated Nevada and Delaware Internet gaming is bringing some uncertainty to the gaming industry. How will it affect traditional casinos? Will new customers be driven to existing brands? Will current market share be driven into the ether? We will know soon enough, as Nevada, and then Delaware, now have “legalized” forms of Internet gaming. You can bet other states will follow suit. Even with these uncertainties, tribal gaming enterprises can rely on a few truths about the direction of online play.

Anthony Broadman is a partner with Galanda Broadman in Seattle. His practice focuses on matters critical to Indian Country. He is a leading author on online tribal gaming, and can be reached at