"Dueling Sovereigns: Collecting Taxes in Indian Country"

Gabe Galanda and Anthony Broadman will be co-presenting, "Dueling Sovereigns: Collecting Taxes in Indian Country," at the 25th Annual Coming Together of Peoples Conference at the University of Wisconsin Law School on March 25, 2011.

State and tribal regulations arguably come into the most direct conflict at tax time. Efforts to streamline the federal tax code could lead the IRS to treat tribes more similarly to states, and some states would like to implement on-reservation sales taxes to ease their budget crises. What case can be made for the interests of each sovereign, and who has been winning when they collide?

Gabriel "Gabe" Galanda and Anthony Broadman are partners at Galanda Broadman PLLC, an American Indian majority-owned law firm. Gabe is an enrolled member of the Round Valley Indian Tribes of Covelo, California. He can be reached at 206.691.3631 or gabe@galandabroadman.com, or via galandabroadman.com. Anthony can be reached at 206.691.3631 or anthony@galandabroadman.com.