Ann Sattler: The Republican Next Door in District 5


On Monday, the conservative Seattle Times Editorial Board endorsed Ann Sattler over incumbent Debora Juarez for the Seattle City Council District 5 seat.

That’s not surprising given that Sattler is a Republican—a closet conservative.

District 5 voters should be concerned that Sattler hides her GOP bonafides. Knowing Northeast Seattle will not take kindly to a Republican candidate, she deliberately conceals her conservative credentials.

Of even more concern are Sattler’s far-right political positions and dubious campaign ad practices.

Sattler (whose maiden name is Davison) hides the fact that she worked for Arkansas Republican Congressman John Hammerschmidt in the 1990s. Hammerschmidt is most renown for being one of the very few Republicans in Congress who stood by President Richard Nixon after Watergate.


Sattler’s LinkedIn profile mentions her stint with Hammerschmidt, but omits his name. What person who has the privilege of working in Washington, DC for a Congressperson omits the Member’s name on her resume?

A candidate who is hiding her political affiliation, that’s who.

Screenshot 2019-07-16 06.44.59.png

Sattler does disclose her Republican service in Washington on her resume on file with the Washington State Bar Association, but it is private, and only accessible by those with access to the state bar’s intranet.

Screenshot 2019-07-16 06.44.00.png

Eliminating any doubt she’s a card-carrying GOP member, on the campaign trail this summer Sattler has:

Sattler also opposes same-sex marriage, and has guest-posted on Safe Seattle’s Facebook page. All of this explains why Safe Seattle has staunchly supported Sattler since she kicked off her campaign in early 2019.

July 18 Update: Sattler’s campaign manager is Veronica Garcia, who has also worked for GOP stalwarts Bill Bryant, Jinyoung England (former longtime aide to Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers), and State Senator Steve O’Ban, as well as the State Senate Republican Committee.

Meanwhile Sattler’s Los Angeles-based political consulting firm, Catamaran Consulting, works with a Republican Super PAC to support U.S. Senator and outspoken Trump ally, Josh Hawley of Missouri; and her Mercer Island-based digital communications firm, Sermo, has worked with Republicans Joe Fain and Rep. McMorris Rodgers, and the King County Republicans. Birds of a feather.

Also, in line with Trump’s GOP, Sattler has ignored local Facebook political ad bans, particularly by endlessly promoting a misleading piece of spliced video involving her opponent, which went viral thanks to a local Fox News affiliate. This alone give voters significant pause, especially because as a purportedly practicing lawyer, Sattler should be held to a higher standard under state ethics rules.

Screenshot 2019-07-17 12.40.03.png
Screenshot 2019-07-17 12.42.15.png

July 20 Update: Late Friday night Sattler issued a statement in response to this blog, via yet another Facebook political ad, claiming she’s a “moderate Democrat” and a “life long dem” who caucused for Hillary Clinton in 2016. She did caucus for Clinton in Northeast Seattle three years ago, but a “life long dem” she is not.

There is no way a Republican Congressman from the South and Nixon apologist allowed a Democrat to work for his DC office. Also, before this primary, Sattler has never voted in any King County primary election or municipal general election. She is no a “life long” member of the Democratic Party.

The bottom line: Ann Sattler appears unfit to represent Northeast Seattle. District 5 voters shouldn’t be duped by the Republican next door.

Gabriel S. Galanda is a civil rights lawyer with offices in Wedgwood. He lives and works in District 5.